The Top 5 Skin Care Treatments to Erase Summer Damage

Oh, how we love the summer sun, while our skin hates it at the same time. Enjoying the sun while it’s around during the summer months certainly isn’t a bad thing. As often as we apply sunscreen and wear hats to protect our skin, there’s no denying it at the end of summer – our skin has been through a lot, and can look and feel damaged. From hyperpigmentation, to lines and wrinkles that get deeper throughout the summer, it’s time you said goodbye to summer skin damage and fall in love with your skin all over again.

Here are the top 5 treatments to get your skin back in tip-top shape:

  1. Photorejuvenation (IPL) – this treatment will help you eliminate those freckles (hyperpigmentation) and brown sun spots on the chest, face, neck, and hands. You will also see a visible lightening of the skin and a beautifully smooth even skin tone with just a 30 minute treatment.
  1. PRP Synergy – PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a high concentration of platelets surrounded in plasma produced from your own blood. PRP contains amazing growth factors, fibrins, and stem cells that can be re-injected into targeted areas to smooth facial wrinkles, provide facial volume correction, improve texture of the skin, and rejuvenate the complexion. It is your own nutrient-rich, “anti-aging potion!”Your own PRP is drawn from your body and then injected into areas of the face, similar to a filler, to plump and stimulate the production of new cells creating more vibrant, youthful skin.
  1. Dermaplaning with Peel – this is one treatment that has increased in popularity with our patients throughout Southeast Michigan for several reasons. Not only can you reduce mild acne scars, hyperpigmentation, or fine wrinkles and lines, dermaplaning is great for removing peach fuzz or vellus hair on the face or body! Since it does not have the side effects of a chemical peel, dermaplaning is the perfect treatment for pregnant and nursing mothers.Dermaplaning is also a great complement to chemical peels, facials, and microderm treatments, allowing for products to penetrate deeper into the skin.
  1. Collagen Induction Therapy – as the name suggests, this treatment triggers the body’s natural collagen production. The uppermost layer of your dermis is left unaffected as tiny channels are created deep into your skin. As a result, you will see a 3000% increased absorption of skin products, making it easier for your skin to repair and heal itself from summer sun damage. Collagen induction therapy can also eliminate fine lines, rough texture, and large pores while strengthening the internal structure of your skin.
  1. Brightening Facial – powerful exfoliation during this facial helps improve pigmentation, eliminate dulling surface cells, minimize sun spots, and give you a smooth and improved skin tone. Botanical extracts found in many facials can help with the prevention of skin cell discoloration. These extracts can bring unparalleled brightening and even skin tone effects.We encourage you to try one or two of these skin treatments to reverse the environmental effects. These summer skin treatments will help you fall in love with your rejuvenated and smooth skin all over again!

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