Dysport is an injectable wrinkle treatment that is constituted of the same neuromodulator, botulinum A as Botox. Even though FDA approved Dysport as a wrinkle treatment only in 2009, it had been in successful use in Europe and elsewhere for years. It is similar to Botox, but research shows that it acts faster and lasts longer. It also has the ability to spread farther from the treatment site allowing better results with fewer injections. This feature also makes it important that you choose your surgeon carefully to avoid spread of Dysport to areas which do not need relaxation.
Am I the right candidate for Dysport?

If you are looking to eliminate your frown lines and facial creases, Dysport might be a better option for you than Botox in certain cases. With age and laxity of your skin, permanent lines and wrinkles are formed that can be temporarily immobilized by injecting Dysport into the muscles causing them. If you are in general good health and have realistic goals, talk to usto determine if Dysport is for you.
What happens during the Dysport procedure?

Dysport is injected directly into your facial muscles and usually requires only 3 to 5 injections to treat your wrinkles and lines. Most patients do not find the injections painful and an anesthetic generally unnecessary. However, you may ask for a numbing cream before your treatment to increase comfort during injections. Your treatment will only last about 15 minutes.
What is recovery like from Dysport?

There may be some redness and swelling from the injection, which will resolve on its own within a day or two. It is important, however, to choose your surgeon wisely due to the widespread diffusion of Dysport. Injected in the absence of sufficient experience, it could lead to a droopy eyebrows or eyelids. At Covet MedSpa, we ensure optimal results with minimal complications from Dysport when injected by our certified surgeons.
What can I expect from my Dysport results?

You will begin to see your results within 1 to 7 days, and most patients see diminished wrinkles by day 3. As your muscles gradually relax, you will see your wrinkles smoothing away giving you a younger appearance. Your results from Dysport will last more than 13 months.

If you believe Dysport could be right for you, or you are unable to choose between Dysport or Botox, contact us today to see what injection treatment is best for you. 

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