Collagen-Induction Therapy

The only FDA approved non-invasive procedure for lifting the skin on the neck, brow, décolletage and under the chin, Ultherapy is the next evolution in cosmetic procedures. This treatment uses focused ultrasound and your own healing process for tightening, lifting, and toning loose and sagging skin. Our patients are very excited about this new treatment since no foreign substance is used and there is no downtime.
Am I a Good Candidate for Collagen-Induction Therapy?

If you are suffering from fine lines, large pores, rough texture, scars from chicken pox, skin laxity, acne scars, or stretch marks on your skin, you might be a good candidate for Collagen-Induction Therapy. Just like any other cosmetic treatment or procedure, you must be in good general health and have realistic expectations for what this treatment can do for you.
What is the Collagen-Induction Therapy?

During this procedure, tiny channels are created on the top layer of your skin which, in turn, stimulates the creation of new, smoother collagen. CIT is also referred to as micro-needling as it is preformed with an automated micropen. This micropen has many tiny needles on a roller and glides over the skin to place evenly spaced punctures on the skin. Some compare the needle to a tattooing needle, meaning that it causes repairable injections to the skin. However, the size of the needle will vary based on the depth of your dermis. The needle will need to penetrate the dermis in order to stimulate the new collagen production. This treatment is a great way to strengthen the structure of your skin and can last anywhere from ten minutes to an hour. This treatment is a great way to strengthen the structure of your skin. The handheld pen with the tiny needles is gently applied over the treatment area until skin reaction is visible. This procedure is very comfortable because we apply a topical numbing agent prior to treatment.

The needling of the skin triggers the body’s natural process of healing. These channels created by the treatment also allow for deeper penetration and quicker absorption of any skin products that are applied post-treatment.

What is recovery like from Collagen-Induction Therapy?

The recovery and result from your Collagen-Induction Therapy is in fact a 3 stage process. Immediately post-treatment is when your skin may be pink and inflamed. The growth of collagen is stimulated by this process. Your skin will continue to improve and repair itself and you will begin to see dramatic results. Downtime for most patients can vary between 24 – 72 hours. Some general complications include scabbing, dry skin, white spots or dark patches, and possible cold sore outbreaks.

These cases are rare and can be resolved. Since skincare products can now penetrate deeper, oils, serums, and other skin preparations are applied right after the micro-needling. Following treatment, your skin has a much higher absorption ability, even with just one 60-minute Collagen-Induction Therapy treatment.

What can I expect from my Collagen-Induction Therapy results?

Because your body needs time to produce more collage, it usually takes between four and eight weeks to see full results. Your results will continue to improve for up to a year following treatment. Most patients get three follow-up treatments spaced about 30 days apart for the best results. It is important to keep in mind that your skin did not age overnight, and any restoration and rejuvenation will also take time. A healthy lifestyle will help you maintain the smooth and revitalized skin you achieve after your Collagen-Induction Therapy. More and more people are opting for CIT instead of invasive procedures because the results are similar, it is more cost-efficient and has very minimal downtime.

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