New Found Benefits of Cold Treatments

While it might be difficult to volunteer yourself to feel any colder this winter, it turns out, new cooling technology could be the answer to many cosmetic concerns! Find out how you could benefit from a little more cold this season with a cooling cosmetic treatment.   

Freeze Fat

New technology is making noninvasive treatment options safer, more effective, and more popular. One of the most popular options is CoolSculpting to remove stubborn fat from the body. The treatment works by delivering intense cooling to the target area to freeze fat cells to death! Once they die, the fat cells are naturally eliminated from your body, never to return. So, can you stand a few minutes of cold for long-term fat removal?

The temperature used during treatment is precise to kill fat cells while protecting healthy skin and tissue. Many individuals attempt to replicate this cosmetic treatment with an ice bath or ice packs at home, however, doing this could permanently damage your skin! An experienced CoolSculpting technician with the right tools on hand is the best way to see safe and effective results.

Improve Skin

Cryotherapy, which involves intense cooling, has been used for many different skin concerns. Cryotherapy is commonly used to freeze away bothersome warts, bumps, and other skin lesions. It is also an effective acne treatment. With cryotherapy for acne, liquid nitrogen is sprayed on the skin to create on intense cooling, triggering an anti-inflammatory response to instantly clear up acne. Your body’s response to the cold can also encourage collagen production for tighter skin and fewer wrinkles!

Minimize Discomfort

We’ve all used an ice pack after a minor burn or injury to reduce swelling and help with pain. Now, cooling technology is being added to many cosmetic devises to improve patient comfort throughout the treatment process. Controlled cooling can be seen alongside laser treatments or other cosmetic devices that improve the skin by heating it.

Could you benefit from a cold treatment? Contact Covet Med Spa today for a consultation to find out!

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