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Are you a Candidate for Ultherapy?

Do you experience sagging skin around your neck, brow, or chin? Before you assume your only option is a surgical facelift to tighten and lift your face, consider Ultherapy! Ultherapy is a non-invasive ultrasound procedure used to lift the skin by targeting your body’s own healing process. There are several reasons you might choose Ultherapy over other more invasive procedures that give you similar results.

You Experience Mild or Moderate Sagging Skin

If you experience mild or moderate sagging in areas of the brow, chin, neck, or chest, Ultherapy might be a good option for you. While another procedure like a facelift would give you more dramatic results, Ultherapy is subtle yet effective for less severe lax skin.

You Aren’t Ready for Surgery

Whether you just aren’t ready for surgery yet, or you don’t plan on ever having a plastic surgery procedure, Ultherapy is an effective alternative. With Ultherapy, energy wavelengths are used to target deep tissue in areas of sagging skin. The process does not require sedation or anesthesia and only mild discomfort is reported by most patients.

You Don’t Want any Downtime

Because Ultherapy is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment, there is no downtime or recovery required. Some patients might experience mild side effects such as tingling, swelling, or redness, however, these should resolve very quickly. All normal activities can be resumed immediately following treatment.

If you experience mild sagging of the brow, chin, neck, or chest area and want to avoid surgery, you’re likely the ideal candidate for Ultherapy! To learn more about the treatment or to schedule a consultation, call Covet MedSpa today.

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